Monday, February 4, 2008

Rejoicing: Postponed Until Further Notice

The bin is heating up again this morning. Crapitycrapcrap. But now I know why.

I was finally able to call the Worm Wigwam Co. at noonish, since they're PST and I'm EST. The enclosed instructions clearly state, "Forget everything you know about worm farming". But, when the directions say "Add 2 inches of top bedding", I totally assume it has to be wet first. Any worm person would. The instructions do not say, DO NOT SOAK TOP BEDDING, but they also don't say YOU MUST SOAK TOP BEDDING. They say, add two inches of top bedding. Which I did. Soaked in water first.

No, non, niet, nein. With the Wigwam, the top bedding must be dry, dry, dry. That's what's causing the heat- it's the moisture, stupid. For my wee brain, this is totally counter-intuitive.

My evening is so neatly laid out before me.


Tess said...

Oh dear!
Hey, I'm really enjoying your blog (found through Beansprouts). Bearing in mind your deck and your love of goats, you must go check out The Edible Balcony Garden and Take Joy! respectively.

janewildwood said...

great bloggin ilex

thanks for worm tales
my children think they're real...

they compare quite well with our compost and rat happenings!!
keeps the children interested in all things eco


ilex said...

Thanks very much for commenting.

Tess, thanks for the links- I particularly love Edible Balcony Ggarden. I'll be joining her (well, spiritually) in a few weeks when I start my own vegetable seedlings.

Jane, the worm tales ARE 100% real...