Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Shiny, Happy Article about Monsanto!


Ok, not so much. The article is called "Monsanto's Harvest of Fear". It's a coming feature story in May 2008's Vanity Fair, part of their annual Green Issue. If you don't know much about Monsanto but already know that they are the one of the scarier faces of Big Ag, this article is an excellent place to start. And, natch, there's so much more to Monsanto than just agriculture.

Gestapo tactics? Check!
Dioxin and PCB manufacturing? Check!
Illegal dumping? Check!
Mass-market herbicides that poison our soil and water? Check!
GM seeds? You betcha!

They've got it all. And they won't rest until they make every last penny there is to be made in the world or kill off all their end-users, whatever comes first.

Why-O-why is Madonna on the cover, though? Madonna? Really?


Rabbits' Guy said...

Because Oprah was busy ...

ilex said...

LOL- sad but true... so true.

Robbyn said...

We've really got to wake the public up about what's really going on with Monsanto and with the PATENTING of life forms and seeds, etc. The ones who own the patents control the future, if we're talking about LIFE FORMS...sheesh!! I really really really believe they need to review the legality of it and ban it. But boy would it be going up against the Great Wall of pharmaceutical and genetic research companies. SO glad you posted this article..I hadn't seen Vanity Fair's article yet :)

ilex said...

Patenting life forms is technically disallowed/ illegal, but the Supreme Court has such a miniscule grasp of biology, they don't understand that seeds ARE alive. To roughly quote Craig Venter, "They think it has to have eyes and antennas to be alive".