Saturday, May 17, 2008

Detroit Rainbows

(Detroit poops rainbows)
Here's some weird light on a Saturday afternoon in May. And with bonus rainbows. This was a complete double rainbow (though it's hard to see the second one) and it was gone in 2 minutes. Cool.
I'm working on a raised bed potager for a friend- see the saw and the wood near the door? I will take pictures tomorrow when I'm finished building it, installing it, and planting it. It's making for something of a long weekend, but at least I have a fabulous dirt manicure.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Maybe you should just "add on" while you are at it! That is a fine picture. It sure looks better than in the dead of winter when the compost was frozen ...

The Bunns said...

Need any "gardening" help?? =:<)

(We could maybe weed?)

The Barber Bunch said...

Cool Rainbow!!!

Great Garden!!

My Mother in Law, Sister in Law and I are planning a Garden Co Op. I am so excited! Probably won't get to it this year but we are planning!


Verde said...

great shot. It's fun to see your garden.

Amanda said...

Ilex, I am in awe of this picture.

Can you do another showing the same view now? This really shows just how much stuff you have.

Anonymous said...

Your deck is beautiful.