Saturday, May 31, 2008

Long trip... I really missed my garden!

I got into bed at 3AM this morning after taking a flight back from the west coast. I really did try to sleep in, but honestly, I couldn't wait to see all the new growth in my garden. So as of first light, I was more or less awake and eager to get out on the porch. After our long, cool, wet spring, we finally broke 70F this past week in Detroit, so there were a lot of surprises for me. Here's what's new--

The good news:

--The eight corn stalks grew about a foot in 5 days.

--The tomatoes have a lot of bushy new branches. They absolutely MUST be caged this weekend.

--Finocchio is almost ready to be mulched so the bulbs will blanch- probably in a week or two.

--Peas are slowing down just a bit, but even so, I consider them pretty successful this year. Someday, when I have some actual mater terra to dig in, I will plant a bazillion peas, but I don't think containers are really their scene. I'll probably plant them again next year, but will put them out about a month earlier.

--The scarlet runners are climbing very, very fast! So fast, in fact, that I asked my husband to get four 8-foot poles while he's out bopping around today. These are some amazing beans. I keep looking over my shoulder for Jack.

--The calendula opened up their sunny faces today! Wow, I just love that orange.

--Spinach is not bolting! Wooo-hoo!

--Nasturtium looks very happy- leafing out all over.

--Second crop of Asian mustards are all germinated and growing fast. These will no doubt be eaten as baby leaf as I'm not sure they can take the Detroit heat and humidity. I'll be replanting them at the end of summer for a nice fall crop.

--Skyrocket arugula is growing very fast. Gosh, it is about the most delicious green I've ever grown.

The bad news:

--The basil is in bad shape- so bad that I actually bought some Genovese basil plants at the farmer's market this morning. (That'll brings the count to about 7 crops I didn't start from seed- corn, eggplant, and several herbs.) The basil is unhappy for several reasons- I started it way too early; it's planted in wet-bottom containers (the SWCs); our spring has been cool and wet. All 8 plants are yellow and droopy- terribly sad pictures of ill-health. I'll trim them back and feed the tops to my buns; they'll think they died and went to bun heaven. Maybe the basil will bounce back... and maybe, wet feet isn't so bad when it's 90F. But the SWCs do not seem to be basil's friend. The seedlings I bought this morning are going into flower troughs, where I already know they do well.

--Gosh, but there's a lot of weeding to do!

--The Asian salad mix is already starting to bolt. I'm going to a knitting potluck on Monday night and will thin/ cull it for salad mix. That's something else I'll start a month earlier next year.

-- Bush bean is not thriving. It's not dying, but it's still quite small. Not sure why.

--Same with eggplant. I'm sure it's the cold, wet spring.

--Borage is totally taking over the mixed herb planter, and it is shading the fernleaf dill and cilantro too much. I'll relocate the dill and cilantro, but keep the borage in the planter. I wanted that planter to be borage, hollyhock, dill and cilantro after the peas peter out, but I keep forgetting to plant the hollyhock. Now I think it'll just be borage and hollyhock. Note to self- plant hollyhock TODAY!

After a nice bloody mary and a long nap, that is...

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