Monday, June 9, 2008

Bunday Munday- licklicklicklicklick

(you taste like...bun)
Every morning for the past few weeks, shortly after breakfast but before all-day snoozes, the buns settle in under my work desk and groom each other. With great passion and intensity. For about 20 minutes. Then, they are done. They go back to their breakfast for a few more nibbles, and soon after, take a brief lay-down under the sofa from the exhaustion of it all, before finally settling into my husband's desk chair for the rest of the day.
Where do buns keep their daily planner? Are they on high-end mall Franklin-Covey, or the more pedestrian Office Max Page-A-Day? All I know is this: they are on a tight, tight schedule.


The Bunns said...

Planning? Rabbits? Bawahahaha ... excuse us. It's just that we are --- uh --- rabbits! Rabbit stuff happens! Quit trying to figure it out.

Robbyn said...

I love your rabbits....and love bunday monday :)

L.Bo Marie said...

hahahaha, I love the idea of my 'touffy hiding a little black book in his pantaloons!!!
most definatly don't want to disturb that schedual!

plantainpatch said...

What a great post! Bunday Munday is great!

d. moll, said...

I was wondering when you were going to show your rabbits, they are lovely. Although rabbit activities seems pretty relaxed, they do seem to have a time schedule, perhaps that's why the White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland had a pocket watch.

FRITZ said...

Bunday Blues. It's what gets industrious rabbits planning--all that anxiety, worry, fretting, futzing.

So much easier when at least you know when to start licking one another, yes?