Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well, dip me in butter and call me slippery!

I just got a call from an LA Times "letters to the editor" staff member-- seems my letter about keeping backyard animals as a humane alternative to industrial farming will be printed in tomorrow's edition. How 'bout them apples.


Rabbits' Guy said...

KaChing! KaChing! We stand in awe. That A/V clip was great. Give yurself a big pat on the back! Oh .. you already did ... well .. another one then!

Let us know how the response is.. do you have a network of patio/kitchen gardners?

two hints, just from listening .. talk a bit slower .. I guess I heard some of the multisyllable words go pretty fast. And, like most of us, your voice trailed off a bit toward the end of some sentences.

Not complaining .. just helping you prepare for the even bigger show!!!!

The Bunns said...

So ... we get mentioned as a source of ... get this ... worm food ... eeeeew. But no mention of our majestic beauty or that maybe we might get some of the goodies being grown. It's like we are just ... uh .. factories or something =:<)

Oh well, those bunnies will surely get to be on Oprah with ya!

ilex said...

Rabbit saint, I'm simply in awe of the skills of the audio editors. I was SO nervous. I very much appreciate your tips. Toastmasters is helping- but not fast enough!

Bunns- I was really hoping that they would include my "living machine" spiel- the buns eat the garden scraps, the worms eat the poop, the worm castings go to the garden- around the loop it goes. But it will hopefully be in the print article.

And yeah, they *certainly* edited out the majesty part! Shoulda been interviewed by a rabbit person!

d. moll, l.ac. said...


Carolyn said...

Awesome. You are a star!

Ian said...

You're on a r oll ilex - Go gal!

Verde said...

Oh, it's cool to watch this unfold.

We recently got rabbits for girl's good grades. These don't come in the house because the dogs have that space already, and there could be conflict but so far they're chilling in the chicken coop when they aren't in the portable dog run.

ilex said...

Thanks very much for the support, everyone! I do feel like I'm on a roll, but it also feels like I'm along for the ride- like I'm finally in (or getting to) the right place in my life.

Verde, I'm so excited you got rabbits. So, when the dogs go back into the run after the rabbits are back in the coop, do the dogs immediately start sniffing/ tracking?