Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A good year for eggplant

(So. Many. Eggplants.)
Ya think?
I count 21 little eggplants, at various stages, between just two (2!!!) unbelievably productive plants. AND, there are about 30 more blossoms on top. The variety is called "Little Fingers". It's an Asian (Thai, maybe?) variety of eggplant, and that's all I know. As you can see, the fruit is shaped like zucchini. The one on the bottom is just about ready to be picked. I bought these puppies as very small, rather sad looking seedlings at the farmer's market; they struggled mightily in the long, cold spring we had. They are among the group of about four vegetables I didn't start from seed this year.
I'm stunned. Simply stunned.
I've never grown eggplant before, but I will definitely grow eggplant next year.


Garden Wise Guy said...

I'm smelling the eggplant tempura right now. One of my favorite veggies and what a stunningly beautiful plant.

Now if someone could just figure out what came first - the chicken bush or the eggplant?

L.Bo Marie said...

mmm, they do look very tempting.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out why they were called eggplant... until I went overseas. I was at the market and someone tried to sell me a "garden egg". A pale cream coloured egg shaped veg.. I got it home and cut it up... it was a whiteish eggplant... it all made sense after that.
ok, maybe I'm slow.
this is after all coming from the girl who only realized where "harelip" came from last week... after teasing the bunns with treats.