Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday morning corn festival, 2008

The 2008 harvest of sweet corn, minus the two ears already in my belly.
Digging in...
A couple of the ears looked like this...
But most of the ears looked more like this.

They were completely delicious.

I was so thrilled to have any corn at all from my deck, it didn't really bother me they were incomplete ears. We ate them raw just as soon as they were picked. If I grow corn in a pot again, I'd do a few things differently--
--Bag the tassels to catch pollen for later hand pollination. Tassels form about two weeks ahead of ears and silk. The leaves were just covered in pollen, long before the silk formed on the ears.
--Grow bantam varieties so the wind can't whip them around so much (wind was a huge factor in rapid pollen loss). And move the container closer to the building.
I probably won't grow corn like this again. But it was still a very fun thing to do.


PJ said...

The cat ate it:

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hmmm, well ... a good experiment. Actually better than any corn we've ever managed to grow!

Thanks for sharing the results .. visually of course. Many people might have just hoped we had all forgotten about your corn!!!

Verde said...

Hey, good for you. I think it's great you are getting any corn at all off your balcony!

Carolyn said...

Congrats on your corn. Thanks for the tips too.

Garden Wise Guy said...

Mazel tov! I'd have never contemplated corn in containers. I think your strategery (thanks, dubbya!) of bantam varieties and bagging the tops would bring you great results.

Then it's just a short trip to branding your own breakfast cereal - call them Holly-Ohs!

Who would have known that a Detriot balcony could give Nebraska a run for their money.