Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coolest birthday present ever

No, this gift is not useful. Or practical. It does not contribute in any way to the homesteading goals or ideals. But it is so cool.

I turned 39 on Monday, and that number is sort of a biggie for me--29 was, too-- something about those precipice numbers. But this terribly fabulous, vintage Soviet poster makes me smile and temporarily forget I'm nearly 40. It's pretty big- about 28 x 40 inches. Love the colors. And I swear some of the women bear a fleeting resemblance to Jackie O. Must be those doe-like, wide-set eyes.

Official Husband had this framed for me, his state-approved Democratic Socialist wife. Thank you, comrade. More share of pot pie for you.


PJ said...

Communism is sooooo retro! I don't think you should get anything common-sensical to commemorate such a momentous occasion. What does it say/is about, girlfriend?

Irma said...

re: birthdays, I had a TERRIBLE time turning 29. Thirty? Didn't bother me the least. Well, I turned 39 a few weeks and it depressed the crap out of I guess I can look forward to a Fabulous Forty!

d. moll, said...

Love it, and so do you and that's useful and contributing to ideals. I wouldn't worry too much about turning 39 or 40 for that matter, not with this poster around.

MOTM said...

I've a friend who recently turned 31... or as she says, 20-11. So you are only 30-19! My hug recently turned 40 so he's only 20-20! Perfect ;)

MOTM said...

Oops I meant 20-19... gah... it's not late enough in the evening for me to be this confused!!!

Rabbits' Guy said...

We get too soon old, and too late smart. Be patient!

How can you be an entrepreneurial pickle seller and an extreme socialist too?

PS - what a fine looking dinner!!!

Garden Wise Guy said...

Delicious piece of writing. Love the dialect (and dialectical). Is wonderful for to beink in dis cowntry.