Monday, February 16, 2009

Crappity crap crap

(Hope you like soup)

I've never written about my day-job in here, but I lost my day-job this morning. I'm sure I'm just one of another 600,000 this month, just like January. What are you gonna do? Maybe Michigan has re-education opportunities. I'm going to take my time and figure this out. But considering the global pickle were in, I'm not expecting much any time soon.

Still, I'm really mad. A lot of economists are mad. A lot of economists blame the Republicans, and they start with Reagan and his cockamamie trickle-down crapola. Trickle-down economics-- what a load of hooey. The rich won't share, you idiots. How do you think they got rich? By not sharing! And whoever thought the market would self-regulate must have been high. Oh wait, that's the core belief of the GOP for the last 28 years. Along with their other core beliefs, hate and fear. Greed, hate, and fear. Some folks think the GOP is dying. Geez, I hope so.

So, thanks, you greedy Repug jerks. You laissez-faire, trickle-down, Milton Friedmanite, oligarchic-fascist, fear-mongering asshats; yeah, you, the ones
granting personhood status to corporations while carrying the bible and wrapping yourselves in the flag. You won't rest until you turn us little people back into surfs or slaves. You won't rest until you can make a profit on everything, use up every last natural resource, trash every ecosystem, destroy the air, soil and water, control every genome. You suck.

Ok, I actually feel a little better after that. Now what? Yeah, I dunno.


d. moll, said...

Well, double crap, I'm so sorry. Where's the bailout for homesteading rabbit slaves? You are a smart and energetic sort of person, something will appear. I am waiting to see if I have a job next year teaching. Last I heard either I have no job or I'm teaching all the art classes, in which case I will have to insist on a change in cirriculum (sp).......

Fancy Pants Elitist said...

Sorry about the job. And I blame the same folks you do, they just seem to have something organically wrong with their brains! There's something really wrong with them.

But you are at least learning techniques to help you be more self-sufficient. A lot of people like you don't garden on their decks!

You're Victory Garden will supplement your food supply with fresh organic veggies that are pretty expensive when people don't have a job!

Good luck, I hope you can find something.

chaiselongue said...

I'm really sorry to hear this. It doesn't make it any easier that lots of other people are in the same situation. I never believed in the trickle-down effect either - the rich are selfish, full stop, otherwise they wouldn't be rich. Maybe something good will come from this economic crisis - I hope so. In the meantime, as Fancy Pants Elitist said, at least you have good vegetables. Good luck!

Carolyn said...

sorry to hear that. Maybe you can start your pickling business?!?!?!?

Irma said...

Or write that "intermediate" level book on vermiculture...?

Job thing sucks, dude. We are in the same boat here in Canada, there just doen't seem to be end to all the asshattery in sight.

PJ said...

Ilex, well said. It's hard hitting once it affects your own household. We went through this last fall and I was very angry for the same reason: greed, i.e., the corporate welfare entitlement mentality that begn with Reagan in the 80's. People believe that Americans are entitled to live better than 99% of the world's popultion and now-a-days a select few think they're entitled to live like kings and queens, just because they can. Who are we to judge? We don't understand the aesthetics of $1,000,000.00 toilets. Seriously, sacrifices need to be made.

Kateri said...

So sorry to hear that. It is definitely tough in Michigan right now.

Rabbits' Guy said...

holy pickle. that is baaaad. whilst i may not totally agree with your analysis, it is still so unfair that a person such as yourself, who seems to live a life striving to put back at least as much, and more, as you take, has to suffer for the idiocy of many, many others spending, taking and having not just beyond their means but way beyond their needs.

now - to you and all your friendly worms and wormies:


we pattern our Heaven
on bright butterflies,
but it must be that even
in earth Heaven lies.

The worm we uproot
in turning a spade
returns, careful brute,
to the peace he has made.

God blesses him; he
gives praise with his toil,
lends comfort to me,
and aerates the soil.

John Updike
New Yorker May 12, 1962

now go get in that line!

heather t said...

Ugh! I am so sorry! I don't know what you do professionally, but I am hearing of people finding jobs in the western suburbs, so that's encouraging. (Plus film studios coming in, yay!) And the state has some retraining money - they'll know about it at the unemployment office.

And you've gotten some great suggestions here! I think you could be a (professional) writer if that interests you - you write clearly and explain things well.

That said, it's times like this when knowing how to live simply is a real gift.

Hang in there and please keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

Oh, bugger. That totally sucks. Can we help you network to find a replacement job?

L.Bo Marie said...

that's terrible.
I'm so sorry!

Condo Blues said...

That sucks out loud. My husband's company is moving his office (the only one that's profitable company wide) out of our state at the end of this year - without him.

The economics are bad but they are made worse by the people who are running this large companies & making awful business decisions.

Jody2shoes said...

Dear Ilex - First time here reading your blog, but I've known you a while and I know that, as bright and beautiful a soul as you are, will find a way thru this. What's more, your rant was BRILLIANT. My hub & I have been fuming mad for the last 8 years, and yes it goes back long before that. What amazes me is that so many of us "little people" bought the lies, and still do (my fav brother is a Repub. and ain't even close to rich!)
Keep heart. Maybe we'll all go back to communes, then your worm farming will be in hot demand, along with all our amazing fiber skills! Please, anything I can do.

MOTM said...

=( that really sucks about the job. (I like the bailout for homesteading rabbit slaves idea from the first post!)

Margo said...

Ilex I'm so sorry. Another friend just lost her job as well, it's just everywhere. I agree - the thought of renewed school loan debt at my age makes me shudder & we're only a couple years apart. Still - I'm considering going back if only to already *be in* a program if I end up getting the pink slip myself.
I'll be thinking good employment thoughts your way...