Monday, March 23, 2009

Bunday Munday- Mmmmm, Concrete

Our condo has I-beams holding up the ceiling (industrial "loft" style). At the base of the I-beams are 2x2 foot slabs of concrete. The buns like to lick the concrete. They like to lick it so much they leave wet spots. Licking the concrete occurs after breakfast but before afternoon sleepytime. Buns are funny.


d. moll, said...

Nothing like a good concrete lick to clear the palate after breakfast.....cleans the tongue too.

Verde said...

Yes, the savory coolness of good as a mint.

Irma said...

That is so cute....kind gross, mind you, but seriously cute.

Rabbits' Guy said...

My golly, the big boy has a full 180 degree twist there! Our dudes lick a window sometimes ... why ??? Thanks for a bunny fix now and then.

Saugatuck ..YES! The Chicago people will keep you very busy! If I am right, that is also a snow belt through there and there is a ski area near .. so winter business too .. and vineyards and winerys ... prices are low, mortgage rates low ... hmmmm

Oh and I meant to mention the other day .. as to a new avocation/vocation ... think like your gardner self .. plant lots of seeds!

n/a said...

I'm not sure that it's good for them.

The chemical reaction going on when they lick that is:
Tricalcium silicate + Water--->Calcium silicate hydrate+Calcium hydroxide + heat

Upon the addition of water, tricalcium silicate (the main ingredient in concrete) rapidly reacts to release calcium ions, hydroxide ions, and a large amount of heat. The pH quickly rises to over 12 because of the release of alkaline hydroxide (OH-) ions. This initial hydrolysis slows down quickly after it starts resulting in a decrease in heat evolved."

PJ said...

How interesting that they do this, I wonder if it's for salt. It might be as Diana suggest, there's nothing like a nice tongue cleansing to make you feel all minty fresh!