Monday, April 13, 2009



Here's a completely overwhelming list of prerequisites at one school I'm considering for my second career as a registered dietitian; the school is Wayne State University, just two blocks from our house in downtown Detroit. These are needed before I can even enter their RD program. Similar prereqs are required at all schools- and frankly, if the program were any easier, I'd wonder if they were instead filling my head with marshmallow fluff.

I've taken only one of these- inorganic chemistry- and that was 14 years ago, so I'll need to take it again. But really, even if they told me I could skip it, I wouldn't. I remember not a single thing about chemistry. Heck, I'll probably have to take remedial algebra just so I can remember how to balance equations.

But jeepers, there are 17 prereqs. If I take 2 classes per semester per year, including summer classes, I'll finish the prereqs in 3 years. I seriously doubt I can handle more than 6 classes a year given the difficulty of the subjects, not to mention the foreignness- design professionals generally are not exposed to microbiology in our workdays. So, Gah! Tell me I'm not nuts, and I can do this.

Basic Life Mechanisms



Chemistry, Inorganic

Chemistry Lab, Inorganic

Organic Chemistry I

Organic Chemistry I - Lab

Organic Chemistry II



Anthropology or Sociology



Food Science

Food Science - Lab

Human Nutrition

Human Nutrition - Lab


Kateri said...

Gosh, that does look a bit over whelming, but you can do a it, a few classes at time. It sounds like you pretty much have to start from scratch. Other than those two food related classes, it looks a lot like the prereqs I did for nursing school.

Irma said...

Of course you're not nuts, and you can totally do this. Anyone who can figure out how to raise so much food in so small a space can explain to others how to eat it and why! You are going to rock at this.

Irma said...

(Edited to note, I completely oversimplified the role of a registered dietician. No foul intended, all in good fun!)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Holy Cow! That's quite a list. What if you accidently blow up the Chem. lab?

Where do these Registered Dieticians work? What do they do? Isn't there a "short course" for something like RD Practitioner?

But on the bright side, you won't have to go live in the dorm and you won't have to be a Spartan!

Might as well get started ...

PJ said...

My menopausal brain is having trouble reading the list. That you're considering taking six classes tells me you're up for it. It's a good thing but I don't think you'll be doing much blogging.

PJ said...

You do realize that we expect to see your report card...

Verde said...

Wow. I can see that would be daunting. If you are schooling full time, I'll bet you can do more than 6 classes a year. If you are also working, maybe not so much.

Just mix and match the hard and the easy each term. I'd think the foods class will be a snap for you.

d. moll, said...

It does look daunting. Is there any way you can get them to accept your older classes? Sometimes pre-reqs can be waived by the right person. They may have a printed policy that is different if you talk to a person in charge. I had to had similar classes for Acupuncture school, but luckily I had taken them in my first attempt at college (when I thought I was going to me a vet). YOU CAN DO THIS. Keep your eye on the prize.

eatclosetohome said...

You can totally do this, especially if you're a full-time student. Have you looked at UM's program? They have far fewer prerequisites, but I think more of those topics are covered in the actual program. And, of course, it's not 2 blocks from your house...

MOTM said...

I hate pre-Q's, they are such a mood buster. If you've any tech schools in the area might check to see if they offer similar. Be a more direct route. Not that I don't doubt for a sec you can handle this RD pre-Q, just I understand when looking at that list. Cheers!

Heather said...

Ilex, don't settle for less! I was 32 and a former art major with no math or science background when I decided that I wanted to go to medical school, and sometimes it seemed like a slow crawl, but I've been in practice for years now, and every minute was worth it.Best of luck.

Verde said...

ilex, take a look over at this post:

I know, I know, it's not in your geographic area, but it's up you alley :-)

Stephanie said...

A little nudge to say go for it--you CAN do it!!!! In 2002 I decided I wanted to go back to school to obtain my degree in Plant and Soil Science. Married, in my 30s w/ a mortgage made it seem impossible--not counting the fact that I hadn't taken algebra since my early 20s and the program required a great deal of math and science well above basic algebra skills. In 2003 I took the plunge and commuted 3 hours each day--started with algebra again (excellent choice) and even joined the Horticulture Club. Fast forward to 2009, two years since graduation and my career is going well--haven't even had time to frame my diploma.

Best of Luck to you!!!!

ShadowRiderHope said...

Hi there, this is Hope. :) These prereqs look a lot like the ones I've had to take for PA school, and if so, I may be able to help you out with some of them. I'm mostly done with my prereqs at this time (and it took me most of 3 years to do it), and now just have to accumulate the 500+ hours of health care experience required to apply to schools. Good on you for finding a new path, and I wish you all the best in it!