Monday, May 4, 2009

Bunday Munday- Baby Cecilia

I was going through an old file and found this pic of Cecilia sampling a smorgasbord of cole trimmings. She was about 8 weeks old. It's my only baby pic of her.


Verde said...

Such a sweet baby girl.

PJ said...

Hey, Sweety Pie!

The Bunns said...

It's all you need! She's special!

Donna said...

Hey, Hey Ilex. YEAAA!! I got my blog as you saw! I'm getting really pulled in by this. I have enjoyed so much telling everyone how self sufficient you demonstrate we can be so its going on the blog next. It fits into my 18th century commentary. Everything old is new again, n'est pas?.

Bunnies are especially cute. I chased a wild one down my driveway yesterday. He just got out of the way. There is not too much danger nowadays.

Take that back. We have a bobcat in town. I heard her the other night. A DeMON sound!! RG saw kittens the size of my cat. The town manager said a neighbor reported one chasing a deer.

How is it with school?

d. moll, said...

AWWwwwww, mighty buns from little cutest buns do grow.