Sunday, May 17, 2009

Detroit Eastern Market's 43rd Annual Flower Day

Flower Day has a reputation for being a bit of a madhouse (suburbanites come down by the busload), so I rode my bike- about a mile as the crow flies. It was certainly more busy than the usual Saturday morning shopping.This is is shed 2. It was renovated last year. For decades it was covered in a slapdash jumble of bad siding, thick white paint, and truly awful cartoon-y paintings on plywood of grimacing chickens with teeth (I kid you not) bolted directly onto these amazing brick arches. You couldn't even see the carved "Eastern Market" letters. The shed is simply beautiful now- a real showpiece. They are taking great pains to renovate the entire market.

R Hirt Jr., Co- one of the coolest stores in Detroit. Great selection of cheese.

Wouldn't be Flower Day without lots and lots of flats

Creative flat display, huh?

Inside shed 2- on Saturday market, this is where the local vendors are

Inside Shed 3- almost finished with renovation. This shed now sports heated floors.

Shed 6


Always lots of different carts on flower day.

I don't even know what this one is, but I dig it.

Now that's what I call a Michigan cart.

Jumble o' carts- they tend to cause traffic back-up.

My purchase for the day, from one of the antique vendors at Eastern Market-- an old 3-gallon pickling crock, strapped to the back of my bike. It's a crock made in Red Wing, MN (I stand corrected!). Love the wing. It was only $25.00! And yes, it got home unscathed. Bike was a little wobbly from the weight of it, though.


Carolyn said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

I love those Market buildings! How great that they are renovating them!

d. moll, said...

I'm boggled and I wasn't even there. Small town girl, I guess I am. Nice crock find!!!!

Kateri said...

I love that toboggan cart. So cute. This time of year I wish I had a couple of extra thousand dollars to spend on flowers. I also wish I could just quite my real job and go work in a green house and grow flowers.

Good work getting the crock home on your bike!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Wow! If Detroit can, anytown can!!! Great pix ...

That is Red Wing, Minnesota, which may be what you meant.

My Dad worked in a Michigan postoffice when I was a kid and so I learned ALL the postmarks .. back when every town had one. There was no Red Wing, Mich that I remember!

chaiselongue said...

Wonderful market buildings and a great market! I love the wooden cart. Looks like a great day out and well done for finding that beautiful pickling crock.

PJ said...

I was wondering about the Redwing location myself having been there.

Glad to see them creating an outlet that bypasses all the big box stores. I go to them for certain things but after awhile I start to hear sheep bleating, that sort of thing. The market must even smell wonderful. Nice catch on the crock, Missy!

ilex said...

You clever and eagle-eyed geographers are right, of course- the stamp says "Red Wing, MINN". Both "N"s are blurred to mush, and I just assumed those letters were "CH". I'm still not from around these parts, even after nearly 10 years of living here...

Yellow said...

It puts Chelse Flower show in it's place. Thank's for sharing that.

Bueller said...

Great find! Love your blog!

Nelly Knits said...

Love the pics, I'm a Detroit girl myself and I love Flower Day..actually any Saturday at Easter Market is great!

Jody2shoes said...

What wonderful pictures! We love Eastern Market on a Saturday for veggies, even flowers. You made Flower Day look like it might be worth braving the busloads of suburbanites, just to see!
And yes, the renovations are awesome. The Market is one of my fave city jewels!