Sunday, November 1, 2009

S.O.S pads- the original and best

Brace yourself, I'm endorsing a product.

Now, I don't buy much stuff new.  If I can't get it used, I probably don't need it-- well, with the exception of underwear and personal care products.  I buy even less brand-name stuff.  There is some stuff, though, that has no peer.  S.O.S pads are such stuff.

Ever try the off-brand scrubbing pads?  Complete junk.  They start bleeding rusty liquid after one use, fall apart after two uses.  If you want a steel wool scrubber, you gotta go with the real deal. S.O.S pads are the definition of real deal.

Now that I'm working with dairy, the pots get scummy.  A substance called milkstone (deposits of mineral salts in milk) build up on the pots, and it's hard to get it off.  S.O.S pads are the solution.  And it's not just mineral salts- I'm here to tell you, they can scrub off ANYTHING.  My pots have never looked better, inside and out.  Yes, they cost more, but they are so totally worth it.

So, that's my irony-free paean to S.O.S.  Thanks, S.O.S!


Paula said...

I haven't thought about SOS pads in, well, a very long time. You're right about imitators because I used to use Brillo, years ago, and they are definitely the real deal. And I rarely by anything new myself, haven't for years.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Reminds me of years ago when we had to help Dick wash the storm windows before his mother would let him come play. We used Bon Ami and it has the picture of the baby chick just hatching and the slogan 'Hasn't scratched yet'. Those guys had to explain it about 4 times before I finally got it!

Wonder what S.O.S. stands for? Same Old Scrubbers?