Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stuff I don't want

Ok, I can't begin to recount the Byzantine surfing path which lead me to this 8th Plastic Wonder of the World, but wow. Just, wow. Mattel is finally releasing a limited-edition "Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds" Barbie doll. To which I say: what took them so long?
My knee-jerk greenie reaction: I shudder to think of the carbon footprint, raw materials from petroleum, exploited Chinese workers, chicken feathers...
But... Then, there's this: OMG, Look-- it's Tippi, people! And she's in that cute mid-century skirt suit getup! And she's being ATTACKED BY CROWS! HEE HEE!!
Ok, I'll get ahold of myself now. There's still a portion of my peanut brain (1%? Slightly more?) that is wildly entertained by all the pop-culture stupid-ironic crap in the world. I'm a Gen Xer, what can I say. It's my one and only birthright. My tragic, pathetic birthright.
Truthfully, I'm just baffled by these companies that make piles and piles of this die-cast horse crap to sell to grownups. What's more, they make a freaking fortune. Homesteading will never, ever be hip, will it... Go on, you can tell me the truth. I can take it.


Melissa said...

omg. where do they come up with these ideas?!?!?!

d. moll, said...

I hear "They" are working an Urban Homesteader action figure, comes with two rabbits and 10.000 worms, plus glasses, a spade and gardening gloves. TRES CHIC!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Wow. I just found your blog and this happens to be the first post I read.

Hysterical! LOL

Rabbits' Guy said...

OK OK .. I'm behind .. but I have had a "project". ( Boy that post back a bit about the soil and such ... what a lot of good info packed in there. I suspect a couple more condo patios went to green over that, at least!

One of the bunnny bloggers, from Houston ... BunnyGirl ... has the bunny Tidbit ... can't remember her blog right off, but it's on my list as BunnyGirl ... she writes stories about life after the big meltdown ... and homesteading is pretty cool there .. it is about the only way to survive!

PS the urban homesteader action figure will compost into nutrients for the soil in 2 weeks!

Carolyn said...

Who would want at Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds" Barbie?!?!?!

heather t said...

Ok, I know it's plastic crap, but... WANT! Is Mattel seriously coming out with this? It looks more like something a crafter/maker would come up with. I can see a whole line of "classic movie scene" Barbies. Bogie & Bacall from Casablanca; the shower scene from Psycho (complete with shower curtain). Awesome!

heather t said...

Oh heck, it was Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, wasn't it?

plantainpatch said...

Unfortunately, I don't think homesteading will ever be hip. Bummer isn't it?

Plastic junk to fill homes,storage units, and landfills is apparently way too gratifying.

Verde said...

I so virtually want it.

OK, I was "OMGing" outloud and DD's 14 and 17 wanted to know what was up and I Mentioned "mattel" and Barbie and they didn't even get it. They didn't know who Mattel and teased me about caring about Barbie.

Stinkers, I should have let them grow up with Barbies...that would have shown them.

So cool post... now I want to channel surf for old movies.

Yellow said...

This isn't a toy. It's ART. My Christmas wish list is getting longer.

MOTM said...

OMG... is this for real? hehehe... I would like to see that Urban Homesteader action figure ;)

FRITZ said...

Other ideas for Mattel:
-A series of Barbie dolls based on Schindler's List.
-Honestly, anything else I mention is not going to be as noteworthy as a Barbie from Schindler's List. I quit there.

I just bought a ton of linen yarn. So, no, I can't call myself a true homesteader. But I appreciate you.

MsMoo said...

Meee to. Just found your blog and this is F.U.N.N.Y. Will go get a cup of tea and sit back and read.
Cheers, Kelly